Super Kiosko main concern was to communicate its 200 convenience stores with 2 central sites with protection schemes to keep their services up and running. Therefore, Assetel designed a robust solution that supports several failure scenarios. Assetel’s experience with Next Generation firewall equipment of different brands was decisive to achieve an optimal design, installing high capacity equipment such as VPN’s concentrators (Virtual Private Networks) in its central or main site, and another VPN’s concentrator team in an alternate place as part of its Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP). In order to increase the availability of the equipment at the central site, 2 equipment with high availability protection (HA) was installed. Finally, lower capacity equipment was installed in each convenience store, configured to receive an ADSL internet connection and an internet 3G as backup. The equipment of each convenience store communicates to its central concentrator and to its concentrator, counting with the protection of communications and redundancy.

The technical staff of Super Kiosko has a central administration console where they can make changes in all the stores in a matter of minutes, which greatly facilitates the administration of the network.