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Your information is safe with us. Our service provides you with the design, configuration, installation, monitoring, management and support of the equipment that provides the security and functions of control required by your company.

* Firewalls, switches, access points, IP PBX, among others.


• 24×7 availability and performance
• Continuous alerts
• Detection of security incidents
• Security reports, signatures, patches and the most recent version



• Access to equipment
• Control and management of changes
• Updating of versions and patches
• Information backup
• Security policies
• Unlimited registrations, cancellations and changes


By identifying weaknesses or anomalies in your network, we can make corrections, and take preventative measures to insure your equipment functions optimally, circumventing vulnerabilities.


BESIDE benefits your company!

Monthly payment services are 100% deductible

Does not require your investment in communications equipment

Savings in licensing, guarantees, preventive and corrective maintenance

Avoid technological obsolescence

Flexibility and scalability solution

Unlimited Policy changes

Response times are less than or equal to 4 hours

24×7 monitoring all year around

Savings in the hiring of specialized IT personnel, as well as specialized training on security and communications equipment.

How we protect you

We protect your information with BESIDE.

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