Never lose communication in your company


Operate your mission-critical applications without setbacks! With Business Internet you will have speed and security for downloading and sending files, as well as high quality video calls with your clients and suppliers with our connectivity service.

Our connectivity services allow you to transmit data safely and easily.


  • Capacity from 4-200 Mbps in the same interface
  • Transmits and receives at the same speed (symmetric)
  • Guaranteed bandwidth


  • Failure escalation process, restoration of service in less than or equal to 4hrs
  • Support 24 × 7 all year
  • Monitoring of bandwidth through web interface

Public IP’s (No cost) – All you Need with prior justification

Growth of temporary or permanent bandwidth if required

Service delivery in Ethernet interface

Last-mile access controlled by Assetel

Quick installation (1 week)

Fast-track 3 days


Forget the technical problems and connect with Assetel!

Metropolitan Connectivity

LAN to LAN connectivity in the metropolitan area of Guadalajara via wireless to transmit your business data safely, quickly and cost based on a bandwidth that goes from 2-100 Mbps, avoiding having to invest in large quantities to develop your own infrastructure.

Our metropolitan connectivity service is a secure link that facilitates working as a team, accessing key systems and sharing documents miles away as if they were in the same local network.


Our commitment is to make the connectivity of your company easier by doing it at your convenience, that is why we have strategic alliances that allow us to provide you with the security of our service in different locations.

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Connect to the super information highway!

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