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Reduce your operating costs and protect your most valuable asset – YOUR BUSINESS and ALL ITS INFORMATION. With CloudSIDE your company’s most important information is safeguarded and secure, with improved collaboration, productivity and increased levels of operational availability. Certified Data Center TIA942 Tier 2.


The rental of physical space in our Data Center that goes from a unit of a rack (1UR) to “a full rack” combined with IP, bandwidth, physical security, and power and backup for co-located servers which is managed by your staff. 

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Private, secure virtual space rental of a cluster of servers through the creation of a Virtual Machine (MV), with its own operating system, processors, RAM and storage.

* Includes advanced firewall, SSL mobile VPN connection and Internet redundancy.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

40% of the companies that implement an ERP notices an increase in productivity, this system is key for a company’s institutionalization, however many transformation initiatives end up truncated or even abandoned.

This is why Assetel, as a team with Spechi, offers the comprehensive solution Implementa con Éxito, a service that brings together the 3 factors of the success of the implementation: software, business processes and infrastructure.



Making sure to back up your critical information by the day, hour or minute; our configurable backup system makes a copy of your information at established intervals according to your needs and convenience.

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Disaster Recovery Plan

Your business won’t stop, in the event of a disaster, or collapse of your infrastructure; our DRP system allows you to reduce the downtime so that your company can remain open for business and be productive.

* Firewall, switch, access point, IP switch, among others.

CloudSIDE benefits your company!

Reduces the risk of the loss of information and income.

Reduces investment costs for infrastructure, maintenance and specialized personnel

Ensures the efficiency, productivity and continuity of your business operations.

Minimizes downtime.


Your data is on someone’s server, but where?

Know our facilities.

Emergency plant, precision air conditioning, fire system, UPS, internet access, physical security and logic by ASSETEL

We have our DATA CENTER specially designed to provide you:

UPS (No Break)

Advanced network facilities.

High capacity bandwidth.

High level of availability of vital information and security.

Store large amounts of data.

State-of-the-art communications and computer equipment.

We also provide security and availability of your information with:

Grounded networks.

Regulated power supply.

Controlled temperature.

Access Control and Security 24 × 7

Uninterrupted power supply.

Public IP addresses

Back up your information Today!

Complement your services and IT solutions with our Cloud services

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